By Cody Stoots

HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – Seven different quarterbacks have taken snaps for the Texans in Bill O’Brien’s tenure.

Sound crazy? Let me name them. Ryan Fitzpatrick. Ryan Mallett. Tom Savage. Case Keenum. Brian Hoyer. T.J. Yates. Brandon Weeden.

If the concussion keeps Hoyer out on Sunday, it will be the sixth different starter for O’Brien and company. The interesting part is all have had some semblance of playing well.

Fitzpatrick praised O’Brien saying it was they best he’s been coached. Mallett looked very capable in Cleveland last year. Without an injury to him, Tom Savage has a chance to show off this year and last. Case Keenum almost led the Texans to the playoffs. Hoyer has looked more like good Cleveland Hoyer. Yates helped beat the Bengals and the Jets. Weeden finished off the Colts in Indianapolis and will have a chance to be the quarterback if the Texans clinch this week.

One common theme to this successful run is Bill O’Brien, George Godsey, and the rest of the offensive staff.

“I know J.J. (Watt) made a joke about how many quarterbacks have played here,” Hoyer said. “I think it’s a testament, not only to the players that are here but (Head) Coach (Bill) O’Brien, (Offensive Coordinator) Coach (George) Godsey, they really know how to teach quarterbacks and it shows out on the field.”

Hoyer praised the quarterbacks that have played under the staff saying they have all had success and noting Weeden did a great job in a tough situation.

So what’s the secret?

“I think he does a great job, they both do, with the system that’s here. Not only that, but really, applying it to the players that they have,” Hoyer said. “When you have a guy like Brandon (Weeden) that’s only been here a few weeks, maybe giving him plays that he’s comfortable with. That way, he can go out and execute them in a game. I think we spend so much time in those meeting rooms. Regardless of who’s starting, (Offensive Coordinator) George (Godsey) is keeping everyone on their toes.”

Hoyer noted the team is always getting everyone ready, not just one guy. As they should with their recent luck.

“Whether it was T.J. (Yates) who was playing and he was asking Brandon or whether it was me playing and he was asking T.J., they do a great job of making sure they’re coaching everyone and not just the player who’s playing.”

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