By Cody Stoots

HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – Jadeveon Clowney is coming off a game where he got to cross off a bucket list item, sacking Tom Brady. He isn’t letting the recent string of success get to his head.

Wednesday Colts head coach Chuck Pagano called Clowney “un-blockable.”

Thursday Clowney downplayed the comment.

“I’m just trying to have fun, play out here for my team, do what I love to do, and help the team win.”

He opted to give his teammates the credit for some of his success.

“As long as we play as a team and a unit, we’re all going to be dominant out there on the field so we got to keep playing as a team and a whole defense and make plays.”

Clowney said it isn’t hard to brush off the praise and maintained that you needed to stay “hungry” while in the NFL.

“I’m just trying to play,” Clowney said Thursday. “Ups and downs in football, you go through everything. Injuries, you have good games, you have bad games. You have to keep it one game at a time and it’s always about the next game.”

He has managed to play in four straight games. Sunday will match his career high in games played, which is five set earlier this year to open the season.

He is learning plenty too.

“He is understanding the system better,” said defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel. “He is playing technique better. He is working at practice because, well he has been able to practice for a little bit, not this week, so I think all of those things help.”

Clowney said he is getting to where he can start using some of his more elaborate rush moves.

“I’m trying to come up with my game plan. I take about three or four moves into the game to use, and start just a couple of them against the guy I’m going against.”

All of this in the middle of his first playoff run in the NFL.

“I know, right? Second season. Hope there’s plenty more to come.”

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