By Garret Heinrich

The Houston Cougars made a huge move on Friday agreeing to an amendment to head coach Tom Herman’s contract. If all goes well Tom Herman will be the Cougars head guy for the long haul. Sadly this is college football and poaching coaches is what teams do. But I don’t think Herman is going to leave. I think he’s staying. Here are the five reasons Tom Herman will see the end of his 5-year deal.

1. Buy-out Too Big

Tom’s new buyout is $2.25M and bumps up to $2.5M in a year or so. That might not seem like a lot for schools that make billions on their student-athletes, but only a few schools have enough cash to pull a $2.5M buyout and pay that new coach. That buyout goes to the University of Houston, then the new school would have to pay Herman a salary much higher than the $3M he’s making now at UH. Teams will wait for this contract to expire before trying to get Herman.

2. Fans Are Showing Up

It took most of the season, but the fans of the Cougars are flooding TDECU Stadium with red for this Cougars team. That is because of Tom Herman. When the fans are there it is a great atmosphere and Herman is to thank for that. I think there is something to be said for Herman knowing he is changing the culture at UH.

3. Recruiting King

Tom Herman is going to own recruiting in Texas. The guy is fantastic in interviews, is kind and knows how to make people believe (see #2). Houston is a hotbed for college football recruiting and by being able to get some of the great players to stay in town he will just make Houston a better program and more desirable to some of Texas’ hottest prospects.

4. His Weekly Show With The Triple Threat

Have you heard how much fun Tom has when he joins Sean Pendergast, Rich Lord, and Ted Johnson every Thursday at 2:30p? It’s fantastic. Him signing five-year deal would all but ensure him that fun for the next five years. We’re pretty sure he’d hate to miss that.

5. Moving To The Big XII

The Houston Cougars will be in the Big XII by 2017. That is the second year of Tom’s contract extension. He’d still have three seasons left on the contract and would now have the power of a ‘Power Five’ conference. That is just like moving to a school with more money and more recruiting power without having to start from scratch.

Get ready for the Tom Herman Houston Cougars. They are here and (hopefully) here to stay.


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