This is how far NFL referees have regressed (0:00)

Here’s why you don’t start T.J. Yates over Brian Hoyer (8:00)

The best part about Tom Brady’s game for the Patriots (15:30)

How a J.J. Watt and Jadeveon Clowney beef helps (22:10)

This is the cost of Rex Ryan being Rex Ryan (29:30)

Why the Browns should cut Johnny Manziel (35:50)

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Patrick Starr, State of the Texans

How did Pat get into covering Houston sports? (0:40)

How did the Texans turn their season around? (4:20)

Pat’s dachshunds make a cameo appearance. (7:50)

Can the Texans keep this up? Make the playoffs? (8:40)

Pat’s talk in the NRG Stadium press box with ESPN’s John Clayton, and who The Professor said J.J. Watt most reminds him of (13:40)

Has Pat bought into Bill O’Brien, head coach? What about O’Brien, personnel guy? (15:10)

There’s no QB controversy with Hoyer and Yates… right? (19:00)

Who’d Pat take: DeAndre Hopkins? Or Andre Johnson? (24:10)

Does J.J. Watt like Jadeveon Clowney? Does it matter? (31:20)

What does Houston sports talk radio get most right? (36:00)

What does Houston sports talk radio get most wrong? (38:20)