One of my favorite movies of all time is “Twins” with Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger and there is one scene in that movie that I will quote until the day I die.

When DeVito’s character “Vincent” is being attacked by the one of the Klane brothers at his office, his twin brother “Julius”, played by Schwarzenegger, steps off of the elevator and puts the Klane brother in some kind of evil, Vulcan death grip before trying to appeal to his sense of logic. When his efforts fail and the guy attacks him, he repels the attack by throwing him against a wall and stating, “You move too soon. The first rule in a crisis situation is you negotiate first and you attack last.”

I use this when I’m playing video games against my kids, when I eventually win arguments against my wife, and now I want to use it, more than ever, with the Rockets organization after the firing of Kevin McHale.

It’s not that I think firing McHale was an illogical move, I just think the timing of it was awful.

The “reason” behind the firing was that the players weren’t reacting to McHale. They weren’t buying into the system and they weren’t adjusting. That’s all well and good, but where do you go from here? What’s the plan moving forward?

Is getting rid of McHale and promoting J.B. Bickerstaff really the answer for this year? If the players weren’t responding in McHale’s system, which Bickerstaff was a part of, then what can he do differently that he wasn’t doing before? He says he has a way of appealing to people, and everyone has a different trigger, but wasn’t that what McHale was lauded for? He was never really the big “X’s and O’s” type of coach, but he knew how to handle players and made players want to play for him.

They decided to play the scapegoat card way too early. If you’ve been paying attention you know what the real problem has been, James Harden. He isn’t the leader he should be as the team’s best player and an “MVP candidate”. He’s been lazy on defense, sloppy on offense, and he’s too busy galavanting around with Kardashians and living up the night life to care. The problem is that this team is feeding off of his attitude right now and not in a good way.

People are going to notice how far down on Harden’s list of priorities basketball really is and Kevin McHale won’t be there to blame anymore.

The Rockets played their hand too soon and by making McHale the scapegoat this early in the season they’ve created an environment that will expose Harden for what he is, a waste of superior talent.

Firing Mchale was a kneejerk reaction with no real plan to follow it up. It shows no respect for logic, and I have no respect for those with no respect for logic.

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