By Garret Heinrich

The NFL has a jersey problem. Most of them are similar. They almost all are kind of boring and only the ones with a great tradition are iconic.

The NFL is finally working with Nike to create some new, interesting, cool jerseys. Sadly they’re pairing them with pants and socks of the same color and it makes everyone look ridiculous. But hopefully, the “Color Rush” jerseys the NFL and Nike are debuting during Thursday Night Football this season and all of next season will allow for some franchises to take a chance on either adding a 3rd jersey option or possibly changing their primary jersey to something a little more exciting.

Here are all the teams in the NFL and what they need to do with their jerseys.

Untouchable Classics; Could Use A “One Time Use” Jersey:

Cowboys, Steelers, Raiders, Packers, Bears, Giants, Chiefs

All of these teams have great color schemes, classic uniforms, and good logos. They can use something special for a Thursday Night Game. Just to be different and sell some jerseys. I would go with these set ups:

Cowboys: Silver Jersey (This would be best with a leotard look I know I said I hate.)

Steelers: Yellow Jersey (Pair this with black pants.)

Raiders: Silver Jersey (Paired with black pants.)

Packers: Yellow Jersey (Green pants. Which the Packers never wear. They only wear yellow pants. You can’t wear all yellow. Ever.)

Bears: Orange Jersey (Pair with white or blue pants)

Giants: Grey Jersey (You could pair this with their already used gray pants and it might look nice. You could argue for a red jersey, but I like the idea of a gray jersey for them.)

Chiefs: Yellow Jersey (Pair with red pants for option of white pants. I’d also be okay thinking about a black jersey for the Chiefs.)

Could Use A Third Jersey In The Rotation

Bucs, Niners, Dolphins, Rams, Ravens, Vikings, Eagles, Falcons

These teams are all good with their standard look, but a third jersey they could break out for Thursday Night Football or other big games (Monday Night, rivalry, just cause) would be a great addition. Some of these teams have third jerseys already, but they could do better.

I would go with these:

Bucs: Pewter Jersey (It’s so original as a color it needs a full jersey. Just do it. (See what I did there? Nike makes the jersey, I used their famous slogan of “Just do it” to tell them to make a Pewter jersey for the Bucs. If you missed it, go read it again.))

Niners: Gold Jersey (I’m a Niners fan. I would love to see a gold jersey with red pants on the field. I don’t know why, but I think it would be awesome. It would also be WAY better than the stupid black jerseys they wore to open the season this year.)

Dolphins: Orange Jersey (The Dolphins have a great color scheme, but the orange is under-utilized. Orange and Teal jersey/pants lineup would be great.)

Rams: Gold Jersey (I would love their old gold to be featured as a 3rd jersey.)

Ravens: Gold Jersey (Now I’m feeling like there will be too many gold jerseys, but the NFL does boast 11 teams with “Gold” in their primary color scheme. That is tied for the most with blue. Some of these golds are yellow, so the Golds are all different and unique. I think it’s good)

Vikings: Black Jersey (I don’t normally go to black for teams that don’t have black as a main color in their scheme, but I think the Vikings would look great in black with Yellow numbers and purple trim. Purple pants and yellow socks.)

Eagles: Kelly Green Jersey (Bring back the old color scheme from the Randal Cunningham days. Current logo, kelly green jersey, white pants.)

Flacons: Red Jersey (This is easy, with black pants. Looks awesome.)

Needs A New Primary Jersey:

Jaguars: Gold/Mustard Jersey (I actually like the Jaguars color scheme, but they use the teal too much and the gold/mustard not enough. So they need to go with the “Color Rush” jersey they used as their primary, and just pair it with black pants to make it look awesome.)

Complete Redesign:

Titans, Browns, Redskins, Bucs

Look sometimes teams just need to reset. Nike has been successful with this (Seattle) and failed with it (Bucs, Browns).

Titans: Use their current secondary logo as their primary logo. Then base the entire scheme on that logo. Maybe go with a dark blue helmet. It just all needs a reset.

Browns: What Nike did this year is awful. Blow it up and start over.

Redskins: When you change the team name you have to redo all the jerseys.

Bucs: Put in a Pewter 3rd jersey and then redesign using the same color scheme and the awesome helmet for a better look. Get rid of the alarm clock numbers

I Don’t know what to do with them:

Bills, Colts

Both of these teams have great logos, color schemes, and some great uniforms. I don’t know what to change. Do you add something? do you just mix up the jersey pant matchups? I’m not sure.

Already Solid Jersey Setup:

Bengals, Seahawks, Panthers, Lions, Texans, Cardinals, Saints, Patriots, Broncos, Jets, Chargers

These all are good jerseys, good colors and good options for the teams. I could make an argument for a better look for the Texans and put them in a full rebuild, but they aren’t bad. Same for the Lions.

We’ll see what happens when we get Color Rush uniforms for every team. But hopefully, some teams look at this as an opportunity to try something different and maybe make some changes. Of course, we don’t know if Nike will be able to deliver the goods.

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