By Chris Abshire

Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – T.J. Yates delivered the big second-half throws, but most still believe Brian Hoyer will be needed with a potentially-nasty Jets defense ahead.

Coach Bill O’Brien said Tuesday that the banged-up quarterback, who left in the second half of Houston’s 10-6 win in Cincinnati, will be closely monitored this week.

“Right now, I’d say Brian is in the concussion protocol and that’ll be a day-to-day deal with him,” O’Brien said. “We’re hoping he’ll be able to play for us.”

But the Texans may have to move sooner rather than later on a temporary backup if Hoyer’s status is at all in question during a short week.

O’Brien acknowledged the team may look at its options if Hoyer hasn’t progressed by Wednesday afternoon.

“We’re going to stick with what the roster is as I sit here right now, but those are ongoing discussions I will have with Rick today, tonight and into the morning,” O’Brien said. “Obviouslly, we can’t wait too long on those things and you have to make a move at some point just to get guys ready, but we may just stick with what we have.”

Details also emerged about the play that caused Hoyer’s possible concussion. When Hoyer left the field Monday night, the ESPN telecast (along with many fans) couldn’t easily identify the play that caused his injury.

Domata Peko’s sack right out of halftime caused Hoyer to appear woozy and struggle to get the plays down. He stayed in for 14 plays after the sack, though offensive coordinator George Godsey noticed almost immediately.

“It was the first sack of the third quarter. He got hit twice in the head on that play,” O’Brien said. “Once hitting [his head] on the ground and the other just in the course of the tackle. He wasn’t functioning correctly as to how we know he’d usually function calling a play, receiving a play and trying to communicate it to the offense.

“George pointed it out to me when the series was over and I went over to him and [Hoyer] said, ‘I’m having trouble remembering the plays right now,” so that’s where he was at.”

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