By Cody Stoots

HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – Texans linebacker coach Mike Vrabel did what he does best and played some defense Tuesday, this time for one of his players.

NBC studio analyst and former Vrabel teammate on the New England Patriots Rodney Harrison claimed Cushing was loafing in the loss to the Dolphins.

Vrabel was having none of that.

“I will say, if Brian Cushing loafs, I will retire as a coach,” he said. “He goes as hard as he can every play.”

A lot of people give Cushing grief according to Vrabel, but the coach pointed to the fact Cushing leads the team in tackles.

Cushing has 29 more tackles than the next closest teammate. He has the fourth most tackles in the NFL with 69 through his eight games.

“He makes mistakes like everybody else, but I will say that he plays with passion and heart for the game.”

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