Wait, how is the Texans front office supposed to work? (0:00)

Why Bob McNair should give Bill O’Brien complete control. (3:00)

The real story in FOX’s World Series broadcast going out. (10:20)

Applauding FOX for how it handled the Edinson Volquez story. (16:45)

You sure O’Brien wouldn’t bolt for another coaching job? (20:20)

Why NFL teams shouldn’t take a chance on Ryan Mallett. (26:10)

Is Jason Pierre-Paul’s return the most anticipated in NFL history? (29:45)

These 10 Teams – NFL Power Rankings – Week 8 (33:45)

Is LeBron James the most influential player in NBA history? (39:45)

Steph Curry is the best watch in pro sports today. (45:00)

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