By: BRIEN STRAW - SportsRadio 610By Leslie T Travis

Bill O’Brien is not the heroine of some Lifetime movie. He’s the “quarterback guru”/head coach of the Texans, so Ryan Mallett missing the team flight to Miami is not a time to have empathy for the Texans’ leader. Bill O’Brien wanted Mallett as his back-up QB. O’Brien sought out these problems.

A Texans quarterback embarrassing the organization on a Sunday is not new. That it was the back-up QB before the game against the Dolphins even began is perhaps a new low for the position this organization has never gotten right. How can any fan be truly optimistic that O’Brien can ultimately solve a 14-year history of incompetence at the position?

Ryan Mallett was never built to be a back-up. He lacks the temperament for the job. Mallett played with a torn pectoral muscle last year because he’d rather play than watch. He “overslept” (accidentally of course) the day after inexplicably lost the preseason battle to Brian Hoyer. He walked off the field early when he lost the job to Hoyer because of an injury that should’ve cost him only a play and not his job against the Colts two weeks ago. And now he misses the team flight to Miami. This is not what you search for in a back-up quarterback – and Bill O’Brien is suppose to know that.

Swapping QB’s after one week. Making three quarterback changes in five games. The guy who has made those decisions is praying a career 56% passer with as many turnovers as touchdowns will lead his team to a miraculous finish to the ’15 regular season and a post-season birth. Sound promising or sound like the Raiders?


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