HOUSTON (CBS Radio) – Vince Wilfork spoke with the media in the Texans locker room Thursday with a heavy heart after the death of a close friend.

Early Sunday morning, Corey Jones was shot and killed in Palm Beach County. When his car broke down off I-95, he was approached by a Palm Beach Garden police officer, who was on duty but in plain clothes. The officer believed the vehicle was abandoned so he stopped to investigate it. Police say that when Jones confronted the officer with a weapon, the officer shot him.

“We’re working hard now to figure things out and we’re going to continue until we get justice,” Wilfork said. “I think sometimes we have a platform we can use for a certain purpose and this week, this is my purpose.”

Jones, 31, was a popular church drummer and the younger brother of former NFL wide receiver C.J. Jones and was from Boynton Beach. Wilfork also grew up there and played at the University of Miami and considered Jones family. After playing his first 11 years in the league with the Patriots, Wilfork is used to making regular trips back to the area to play their AFC East division rival, the Dolphins. But now that he’s with the Texans, he’s thankful their game this weekend happens to be in Miami against the Dolphins, and he plans on spending time with the family.

“He is family to me but the immediate family down there at this point, it means a lot to them for everybody to come together and just be with one another and pray about whole the situation,” Wilfork said.

Wilfork says he has tons of respect for law enforcement and even has friends who are police officers.

“I have nothing against them but at the same time, we’re dealing with someone that was shot dead and we have to figure that out as a society,” Wilfork said. “Not just this case but the cases that have been going on for a while now, but we have to try to figure out a solution, so I think everyone needs to be held accountable, plain and simple.

“It’s gonna be on my mind until justice is served,” Wilfork added. “My main job is to let the family know that I’m with them. We’re all sticking together on this. We’re going to do what we can to get this justice served.”

On October 20, Wilfork tweeted:
“My heart is with the Jones and Banks family. I’ve known this family my entire life. I’ve always known Corey forever and I’ve never known him to be anything other than a good dude a stand up up guy matter of fact his brother CJ and their sister were all raised in the church and their mother raised them all right. I will not assume anything and will wait for more information to come out but will say this we are loosing too many of our youth and this one really hurts. No one deserves to die at the hands of another.”


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