By Cody Stoots

HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – Dolphins interim head coach Dan Campbell has high praise for a few of the Texans players, but he thinks his former teammate and roommate Shane Lechler deserves one of the highest honors.

“Whenever he retires he should be going,” Campbell said. “To me that’s a given. He’s already earned that as far as I’m concerned. The numbers that he’s put up, and the longevity and everything that he’s been able to do I don’t know how you keep him out of the Hall of Fame.”

Lechler and Campbell were roommates at when both played at Texas A&M in the nineties. They would square off in the NFL a few times and Campbell warned teammates not to give the punter a hard time because he fed off the mocking.

He isn’t shocked Lechler is still alive and kicking in the NFL.

Campbell mentioned the competitiveness keeping the long-time veteran around. He raved about the leg strength that he possessed and said he wouldn’t be shocked to see Lechler still above league average late in his career.

The respect for Lechler ventures off the field too. Campbell mentioned he Shane would always be one of his closest friends.

Sometimes only friends can get away with certain things and there was plenty of fun to be had at Campbell’s expense while the two shared quarters.

Lechler and the other roommates nicknamed him “Dantallica” due to his love for the legendary group Metallica. Campbell recounted a story about staying up all night and coming to Houston from College Station to get Metallica tickets when they went on sale early in the morning.

He planned to purchase tickets for his three roommates, Lechler included, but that seemed to be a mistake.

“Come to find out every time I wasn’t around they were talking crap behind my back about the fact they didn’t even want to go to the concert.”

Campbell may have been the target, but he has a sense of humor too.

When asked about watching J.J. Watt he joked they would use all five offensive linemen to just block Watt. Later, not joking, he called Watt “scary” and an “issue.”

With praise like that maybe Watt will someday earn the high praise and recommendation from the coach for the hall of fame like Lechler did Wednesday.

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