By Cody Stoots

HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – “Never questioned that.”

Ryan Mallett said he expected to head back into the game after he had the wind knocked out of him in the second quarter.

Mallett says he tried to go back into the game but “that’s not my call.”

He would never seen the field again.

“That was a sixty-yard drive that ended in a field goal. That was a pretty good drive so I stuck with Brian.”

When he left the game Mallett was 7-10 for 50 yards and one interception. After Hoyer entered the game Mallett stood with his helmet on staring at O’Brien and offensive coordinator George Godsey. Later he sat his helmet down and sat on the bench. He also headed to the locker room before the half was over.

Mallett explained his early exit to halftime by simply saying he thought the half was over.

There was no conversation at halftime about who was playing the rest of the game according to Mallett.

Mallett said he liked the way he was playing before he left the game.

“What else do you want me to do? Throw the ball better I guess.”

He said he thought the team started out well prior to his interception.

“Felt like we were putting on a clinic the first drive.”

O’Brien said the starting job at quarterback is under review by him and his staff but said he thought Hoyer did well under the circumstances.

As far as playing next week Ryan Mallett simply said: “I’ll be ready.”

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