By Cody Stoots

HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – It seemingly is so simple for the Texans to get back into a consistent flow on offense against the Colts. Well, if you believe the team, where the buzzword around the locker room this week was “execution.”

“Execution,” said DeAndre Hopkins when asked about getting back on track offensively. “I don’t think it has anything to do else just beside us executing the gameplan.”

The guy tossing him the ball thinks the same way.

“We have to execute better,” said Ryan Mallett. “We have to play better and just do everything else better than we’ve been doing. It’s not just one thing, it’s a few things so we’ve got to get it corrected.”

The man devising the gameplan, well, of course, he wants to see better execution on offense. Especially to keep the Texans from becoming a one trick pony.

“Not making it one dimensional,” was the response from offensive coordinator George Godsey on helping Ryan Mallett get better. “Being able to run, being able to mix the play action, be able to mix the intermediate drop-back passing. I think that helps any quarterback.”

Perhaps the best executioner on offense returns again this week, hopefully in a larger role.

Arian Foster gets his second chance to execute with the team in a game this week and he knows fitting in isn’t always a quick process.

“That’s the thing about offenses, it has to be a well-oiled machine and it takes time to develop and you have a short amount of time to do that.”

When he starts executing Hopkins knows Foster adds another interesting dimension to the team.

“He’s a dynamic player. He’s a threat to any defense no matter what defense you’re in.”

Duane Brown is focusing on making sure the Texans end their early game woes.

“What we really have to focus on is coming out sharper and really executing on the first drive and not waiting until the second quarter or second half to get going.

“You have to be sharp on from the first play to the last play.”

Lack of execution on the last play led to a Cecil Shorts fumble on Sunday, and by proxy, the injury that will keep him away from the game Thursday.

With Shorts missing and Nate Washington’s status up in the air, the young wide receivers will get their crack at execution against the Colts.

“This is what we brought those guys in for situations like this,” Hopkins said referring to rookies Jaelen Strong, Keith Mumphery, and Chandler Worthy. “I think they’re ready.”

They better ready themselves, along with the rest of the offense, or people will be discussing the execution of the Texans 2015 season.

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