By Sean Pendergast


I’ve got a lot of thoughts on this because this goes beyond just losing 48-21 to the Atlanta Falcons. Josh Beard came in and handed me a sheet before the show started. He hands me a sheet before every show, every post game show, that lists all the highlights on here. The one you just heard was highlight number 630. There are 30 highlights from the game listed on this highlights sheet. I’m going to crumple up this sheet now because there were no highlights in this game.

A lot of people tweet and text during the week and they, because we’re SportsRadio 610, they are like, “you guys are homers for the Texans.” Texans “ball-washers” I think somebody said on Twitter yesterday. For anybody who ever says that I’m going to ask, Ben Gehry is our producer today, I’m going to ask this segment right here is kept on mp3 for me so I can just forward this to people from now on whenever they say, “you guys are just homers for the Texans. This is Texans radio. You guys just say, you know, you find the good in things that are bad.”

That, that’s not the case at all, I stopped taking notes on this game, just so you know, I stop taking notes when the Texans went three-and-out the second time in the third quarter today because nothing after that mattered. Nothing after that mattered.

Bill O’Brien said his goal during Hard Knocks was for this team to stop being the almost team. We almost made the play. We almost made the tackle. By the way I’m not saying anything that Bill O’Brien didn’t just say at the podium right now. Bill O’Brien said he did a bad job of coaching. They’re not the almost team anymore. They were the ‘not even close team’ today. They’re not the almost team anymore, if that was the goal, it’s mission accomplished because it’s gone backwards and they’re not even the almost team.

And I know for a lot of people hearing week to week that, “I gotta do a better job of coaching. I got to do a better job of coaching” has turned into “it’s on me.” Like Bill O’Brien has turned into Gary Kubiak with a different catch phrase. That’s all that is. And it becomes empty talk when the team goes out and has a performance like this.

And here’s the truth about the 2015 season so far: while on the schedule it looks like they lost a couple of real heartbreaker close games at the beginning of the year by 7 points. This team has scored 10 touchdowns this year, which is a problem unto itself, six of those touchdowns have come in the 4th quarter while their down by double digits. These are empty stats. And all Brian Hoyer did today was go out there and do the same thing Ryan Mallett did in week 1, which is pile up a bunch of stats when the team on the other side to give a crap anymore.

So it doesn’t really matter to me anymore which quarterback starts. I know we’re supposed to be proud of both of these guys. I know we were told that, that we as a city should be proud of both of these quarterbacks. They are what they are like in some ways I think it’s unfair to both of those guys for the head coach to say, “you got to be proud of these guys.” They haven’t really accomplished anything. And we’re being asked to be proud of them.

Ryan Mallett has one speed. Ryan Mallett throws the ball like he’s trying to impress girls at the beach. He’s got a 95 mile an hour fastball and that’s it. And a lot of times it was skipping to guy’s feet at the game today. And we’re told that this is a game plan offense. And I’m starting to feel like “game plan offense” was just some catch phrase so that we can be thrown off the scent. It’s an offense that really doesn’t have much of an idea what if doing right now. That doesn’t have an identity. It throws one pattern well and it’s a 15-yard comeback route with DeAndre Hopkins.

How is it that you have NFL players and none of them can get open? Not a single one can get open. Are the Texans the only team in the NFL that have two defensive backs on every receiver? Is the other team playing with 16 guys? I need to know. They’re bad on offense. They’re bad on defense. Kyle Shanahan was playing chess out there today and Romeo Crennel was playing Candyland. And I mean he’s getting picked apart. The defense is getting picked apart. This defense that’s been invested, multiple first round picks, multiple second round picks. The defense has investment in it that looks like its River Oaks. And meanwhile the offense is this dilapidated fixer-upper down in the Third Ward. No offense to the Third Ward. And don’t even get me started on the special teams.

Alright, so these are the issues that we’re dealing with right now and those are just the issues today, from noon till 3:26 or whatever it was. Because their foundation problems with this team that tell me that this stuff is not getting solved anytime soon. And I’ll tell you what they are right now…It’s these names: DeVier Posey, Keshawn Martin, DJ Swearinger, Brandon Williams, Sam Montgomery, Trevardo Williams, Xavier Su’a-Filo, CJ Fiedorowicz, Louis Nix, Tom Savage. Those are players who were drafted from the 2nd through 4th round in the years 2012 through 2014. The only one that gets on the field for this team anymore if CJ Fiedorowicz and he’s got catches in his career. I think. Which of CJ Fiedorowicz’s his eight catches was your favorite? 713-572-4610. Other than that it’s a bunch of guys that aren’t on team anymore. So you looking for one reason special teams stink, maybe it’s because they don’t have enough guys to fill out a special teams roster. These are problems that go from top to bottom and this is not a one-off thing.

I don’t want to see tweets about this team lost by this much and they came back the following week. This team’s not coming back anytime soon because they don’t have a quarterback and they’ve got issues all over the roster. And this is on Bill O’Brien, it squarely on his shoulders. He’s got say over the stuff. He’s painted himself into a corner by not attaching himself to a quarterback. By piecing it together last year and piecing it together this year.

The good news is, I guess, is that if it continues this way he’ll have his pick of any quarterback he wants to in the 2016 draft. So by 6:30 tonight I may start tweeting out highlights of Connor Cook and I don’t know. Who are the other quarterbacks? I need to do my quarterback research a little better for the upcoming draft. Is Trevone Boykin a guy who’s considered an NFL prospect or is he just too wacky and crazy with all that running around that he does?

Alright so these are problems that are systemic and these are problems that are foundational and these are problems that are many. We’re going to have a lot of fun these next 12 weeks. Paul Gallant was sitting here and he saw me almost break my hand when I watched Brian Hoyer try his fourth straight throw downfield that landed somewhere in the lap of some lady in the third row.

So save this segment when you say that we’re not critical enough of the Texans. Cause I didn’t say anything that the head coach didn’t at least allude to in his post-game press conference. I know I was more specific with certain guys then he will be and that’s expected. But I didn’t say anything that wasn’t factual on the box score. I didn’t say anything that wasn’t a repeat of what he said. And I don’t think I said anything that people who are listening right now disagree with.

You are the fans. You spend a lot of money on this team. You sell this place out. And that was an embarrassment today. That was pathetic today. I am the voice of the voiceless for you people right now, if you want to get in you now have a voice: 713-572-4610.

Chris Myers, how are you?

Sean Pendergast


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