How did we all miss Ryan Mallett hitting the Texans practice report with a chest injury? (0:00)

Julio Jones answer when asked about J.J. Watt should make you excited about Jadeveon Clowney. (5:30)

What Andrew Luck’s shoulder injury should teach us about drafting NFL QBs. (9:40)

Why the Eagles not using the Washington team name matters. (19:40)

Why Leonard Fournette hasn’t already decided to sit out next season. (23:00)

Why another pec injury should make the Texans reevaluate Mallett’s future with the team. (28:45)

Why Andre Johnson shouldn’t be answering the question he answered. (34:15)

Why yesterday’s court ruling won’t stop NCAA players from getting paid. (37:30)

Why Notre Dame can make the College Football Playoff even with a loss to Clemson. (43:00)

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