By Cody Stoots

HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – The Texans still aren’t sure if Arian Foster will play in Sunday, but he once again practiced with the team.

Head coach Bill O’Brien maintained the decision would come much closer to the game.

“We’ll see leading up to game time,” he said. “Like I said yesterday, how he feels, and how much he thinks he can play.”

When pressed about Foster O’Brien didn’t reveal much.

“Good,” was all O’Brien offered when asked how he had looked so far.

“Everything that I’ve seen,” was his response when asked what he wants to see from Foster. “Playing running back. Doing the things a running back does.”

O’Brien eventually making light of the secrets he’s keeping joked “I don’t know what we’re going to do with him. What do you think I’m going to give you the gameplan?”

Foster, who is currently recovering from his groin injury in training camp, has had a history with hamstring issues.

Now, he isn’t the only one.

“I’m dealing with an injury,” O’Brien said. “I got on the treadmill the other day, put it at nine, thought I was 22 years old again, and ripped my hamstring. I feel like a fool.

“So we’re all dealing with injuries. Coaches and players alike.”

When Foster isn’t dealing with his, which could be this weekend, the Texans plan to utilize their star back like any other star player would be according to O’Brien.

“He’s a very very good player. I’m sure he will be used, in some capacity, when he’s ready to play.”

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