Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – Houston Texans star running back Arian Foster had no update on when he will be able to return to real game action.

“No timetable,” Foster said. “I’m going to make sure it’s a 100 (percent) so I’m not jeopardizing my teammates or myself.”

Although Foster has been back at practice on a limited basis and has made significant progress as he tries to come back from groin surgery he underwent in early August, he’s still not quite ready.

“I’ve been pretty much able to do everything (in practice), but I don’t feel like it’s a 100 (percent) yet, but it feels really good,” Foster said.

It hasn’t been easy for the four-time Pro Bowler to watch his team start out 0-2.

“It’s tough because you feel like you’re an integral part of what this organization has in store for the season and you can’t give your best,” Foster said.

Foster has missed the first two games of the season and is not expected to play Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers here at home. Without their star running back, the Texans have gone with a committee at that position, and the team has averaged 79.5 yards on the ground through the first two regular games this season. Head coach Bill O’Brien hasn’t hidden his frustration with the run game, and Foster is trying to be there for his teammates to help them along.

“The run game is a team effort,” Foster said. “It’s not just the running backs, it’s the line, it’s the receivers, it’s the quarterback, it’s the coaches, it’s everybody involved, so we’re all taking personal accountability.

“But I’m out there and I’m always open,” Foster added. “I guess I’m the savvy vet now, so guys are always asking me questions. Any way I can help, I do, and I try to be as supportive as I can.”