Why you can’t blame (your team here) for not having a franchise QB. (0:00 mark)

What I can’t understand about Donald Trump, the GOP and Fox News. (9:30)

How Gary Patterson’s jab at Baylor and the College Football Playoff are related. (12:45)

The weirdest Twitter follows I’ve gotten since being verified yesterday. (18:20)

J.J. Watt has a rival for best defensive player in the NFL. (20:22)

Imagine if the Browns named Johnny Manziel their starting QB today? (26:40)

If Peyton Manning doesn’t play well vs. the Lions, will Kubiak (or Elway) bench him? (29:50)

Why J.J. Watt’s new rival will keep him in the NFL longer. (37:10)

Why NFL coaches will soon want more changes to the extra point rules. (41:45)

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