By: BRIEN STRAW - SportsRadio 610By Leslie T Travis

Admitting you’ve made a mistake after one week is never easy, unless you’re talking about a Hollywood wedding – and no I’m not referring to taking Kevin Johnson ahead of Marcus Peters.

Head coach Bill O’Brien decided to pull Brian Hoyer for Ryan Mallett about 3 1/2 quarters into the 27-20 season opening loss to the Chiefs when the Texans offense had managed just one more point (nine) than three-and-out series (eight). Mallett responded by leading the offense to a touchdown, two-point conversion and field goal in two drives. Thursday the rumors were addressed by O’Brien when he confirmed he has named Mallett the Texans starter on Sunday against the Carolina Panthers. (O’Brien spent Monday – Wednesday saying he knew who was starting but we wouldn’t until the first offensive snap in Charlotte on Sunday. Way to go Ian Rappoport

By being so quick with the hook, or more to the point, by mistakenly starting Hoyer in the first place O’Brien has a lot ridding on Mallett being the answer at QB. Like lifelines on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire O’Brien has used his quick hook, if he pulls Mallett against Carolina or any of the next three(?), four(?) games he will lose the locker room. How much faith would you put in a boss that picked the wrong “project manager” twice in a two week period? He would also be telling his team something he’s been extremely prickly about whenever the topic has been discussed in the media, that the Texans are without a starter-quality quarterback. He may gone “f-bomb” mode when discussing people questioning the QB situation on Hard Knocks but he’d be telling anyone and everyone he’s without a starter if he pulls Mallett with the same expediency he used in benching Hoyer. 

Not exactly the best start to the 2015 season for the Texans or O’Brien to be agreeing with the armchair quarterbacks two weeks in.


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