By Sean Pendergast

The radio experience has always been about “the listener,” but in 2015 “the listener” has evolved into so much more. The listener is now, in theory, also the video viewer, the blog reader, the degenerate gambler, and the text line troll. You’ve all become quite versatile! Congratulations, give yourselves a hand!

Here at CBS Radio, we’re all about customer service and giving the people what they want, so in an effort to serve all the various facets of you, the newly minted, super versatile uber-listener, my bosses here at Sports Radio 610 would like for me to share my best wagering picks with you on the website each and every week.

So because I love getting a paycheck all of you so much, I will do just that. Each and every Thursday morning, I will give you a handful of games to wager on this weekend so that you can spend more money with my sponsors buy your family a nice seafood dinner. So let’s do this! Let’s get totally degenerate with each other! Here are my picks for this weekend, starting with two for tonight!

Clemson -5 over LOUSIVILLE

The Cardinals have started the season 0-2 after losses to Auburn and Houston (nice work, Coogs … did I mention that you can hear Coogs head coach Tom Herman at 2:15 p.m. today on the Triple Threat?). The last time their head coach Bobby Petrino was backed into a corner this badly he was wearing a neck brace and was about to get fired by Arkansas. Clemson is a sneaky playoff contender and 5-1 ATS in their last six September road games. The woes continue for Petrino, albeit with no neck brace this time. Yet.

CHIEFS -3 over Broncos

People, I can’t stress this enough. Take advantage of the Vegas perception that Peyton Manning can still play football at a high level for as long as you possibly can. Also, apparently Vegas has forgotten about Gary Kubiak’s ability (inability, really) to coach in big, prime time games. This line should be closer to the Chiefs being favored by a touchdown. Pounce as long as this thing stays at -3. It’s gone to -3.5 in some places.

Ok, now onto the weekend. We even have a Friday game for you! Check this out!

BOSTON COLLEGE +7.5 over Florida State

Back in the 80’s, Notre Dame and Miami used to play each other every year, and the series was very gently and creatively (if you’re a Notre Dame fan) entitled “Catholics vs Convicts”. Well, I suppose if there were a Wrestlemania card of Catholic schools versus schools with various criminal peccadilloes, Boston College versus Florida State would be the semi-main event. This matchup is like the Intercontinental “Catholics vs Convicts” title. And you know what? Boston College can win this game straight up. Notre Dame transfer QB Everett Golson has been average so far for the Noles, and BC almost won this game last season, losing 20-17. If you’re feeling saucy, moneyline this one, too.

Now onto Saturday…here’s a Saturday game!


This is my “Times Square Debt Ticker” OVER bet of the week. Points galore! Arkansas is coming in angry after losing 16-12 to Toledo last week (despite 500 yards of total offense…how do you lose to Toledo when you rack up 500 yards and only give up 16 points?), and Texas Tech is back to being what we’re used to seeing them as — an all offense, no defense, pinball machine. There will be over 80 points scored in this game.

And now onto Sunday….

STEELERS -5 over 49ers

The Steelers, on paper, should have beaten the Patriots last Thursday night. They were done in by a slew of boneheaded mistakes, missed field goals, and the collective greatness of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. I think the Steelers are still a pretty good team. I also think 49ers coach Jim Tomsula is still an uninspiring dope, despite their 20-3 win over the Vikings in their opener on Monday. Steelers are on a long week off, Niners on a short week off on the road. I think both teams revert to who we thought they were this Sunday.

Look at that! A game for each day of this four day weekend. THAT’S customer service.

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