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CBS Houston – Ty Lawson has yet to play one game with the Houston Rockets, but on paper Lawson seems to be the lost cog the Rockets have been looking for, ever since the Rockets added Dwight Howard to go with James Harden.

The Rockets last season finished the season with James Harden has the team’s primary ball-handler, in the playoffs with guard Pat Beverley injured there was very few other options.

“I’ve been saying it for at least all of last year we need more playmakers,” Head coach Kevin McHale said “James has such a burden that was just hard, Ty can take a lot of pressure off of James, break down the defense get shots for other people,”

Lawson in six seasons has increased his assists per game each season, last year he finished with 9.6 assists a game. Rockets have not had a point guard with numbers that lofty since Sleepy Floyd in the 1988 season when he averaged over 8 assists a game.

Head coach Kevin McHale told a crowd of season ticket holders on Tuesday night the Lawson will the best point guard penetrator since Goran Dragic.

After looking at the film, McHale shared just how excited he was that Lawson was joining the team.

“He did a nice job of feeding (Kenneth) Faried and JaVale McGee and his big guys,” McHale said “I think Dwight (Howard) can really benefit from that it’d be nice to see Dwight get two or three more easy baskets either on a tip where his man has to go over to contain the penetration and Ty (Lawson) gets it up on the glass or straight passing,”

SportVU says Lawson last year working with what the Nuggets were working with created 30.6 points per game off of his assists. James Harden per SportVU created 22.3 for the Rockets off of his assists last season.

Dwight Howard who as McHale mentioned could be on the on the receiving end off added offense from Lawson is also excited to have him around.

“A guy like Ty he can really make plays for other guys,” Howard said.

Howard mentioned before the Rockets pulled the off the trade for Lawson he was actually watching tape of Lawson and was pretty impressed with what he saw.

“It was just amazing,” Howard said talking about what he took away from the film he saw “even though he’s not that tall in height, just how he gets to the basket, makes plays for other guys, especially the big guys,”

Lawson has yet to officially toss one alley-oop to Dwight Howard, but the tape is out there, Lawson enjoys giving up the ball to the big guys. Howard on of the better players in the NBA off of the pick and roll should enjoy working with a guy who creates so much, and McHale who enjoys a downhill flowing offense should be able to find plenty of ways for Lawson to contribute.

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