HOUSTON (CBS Radio) – Although it’s been reported that Ryan Mallet is expected to get the start at quarterback for the Texans in Carolina this weekend, Bill O’Brien stuck with his decision that the public won’t know until game time.

“It’ll be in the best interest of the team,” O’Brien said after Wednesday’s practice. “The quarterback that plays on Sunday, you guys will see who it is the first offensive snap of the game on Sunday.”

When both Mallet and Brian Hoyer were questioned in the locker room, they both answered like they didn’t know who has yet to get the call and that they’re each preparing like they’ll be the guy.

“I think that’s the only way to prepare as a quarterback in the NFL,” Hoyer said. “You’re only one play away, so for me, whether it’s starting quarterback or whatever depth you are, you prepare to be the starter and that’s how I’ll approach it this week like I do every week.”

“Like I said after the game, it’s about preparation,” Mallett said. “I get my confidence from how well I prepare and it’s going to be the same this week, prepare for whichever way we go. You know what I mean? Prepare like a starter regardless.”

If it is Mallet that gets the start as reported, he says it helps that he already got some regular season snaps under his belt and has already experienced success.

“It helps that I got my feet wet, got in the speed of the game, so I kind of got up to speed,” Mallett said. “So, if I play Sunday at all, I’ll feel confident.”

Mallet doesn’t feel the instability at quarterback has affected the team.

“It’s early and I think the way we did camp and the way we did OTAs – the way we split up reps – the guys know how we are and how we perform and what to expect.”

When Mallet was asked how surprised he was when Hoyer was the first to congratulate him when he threw a touchdown after taking over at quarterback against the Chiefs in Sunday’s game, he wasn’t surprised.

“We’re teammates,” Mallett said. “We’ve known each other for like five years now. We were neighbors in New England, so it‘s not like it’s something new. I’ll be the first one to congratulate him. That’s just our relationship. It’s a great relationship.”


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