The world of finances and savings can be very complicated and difficult to understand if you don’t have a background in it, but everyone should still try to save money for retirement or another situation where you may need it. But where do you educate yourself on money matters?

(Photo Courtesy of Andy Brantner)

(Photo Courtesy of Andy Brantner)

Andy Brantner, Co-Founder of JARA Publishing, talks about his background in finance and how he uses it to educate people about investing.

Brantner has an undergraduate degree from the University of Houston in finance. He also has a Master’s of Business Administration with an emphasis on finance and entrepreneurship from UCLA.
What does your current job entail?
“As co-founder of JARA Publishing, I focus on affiliate marketing for our websites and our new site I work with my brothers (writers) and business partner to create actionable content that addresses a consumer need, while promoting services [and] products that we truly believe in.”
What is your favorite part of your daily duties?
“I love being able to work from home and build something that has the potential to reach a global audience. It’s pretty amazing that you can have that type of reach from a laptop.”
Do you feel your education prepared you for your current role? 
“My education definitely prepared me to manage projects in a time crunch and think strategically about company growth.”
Have you participated in any form of continuing education? 
“In my former career as a financial advisor, I earned my CFP® designation. That type of training has been valuable in allowing me to know what I’m talking about as we build a personal finance site.”
Do you have any advice for people wanting to pursue a similar career?
“Consider your past education and career experiences and ask yourself how that overlaps with a potential consumer need. For instance, my past as a financial advisor has allowed me to focus on creating a site for young people interested in investing.”

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