Working in education and having a background in teaching can be useful in more ways than just running a classroom. Being able to manage groups and train new employees is also useful. Micki Welsh, Franchisee with Ritter’s Frozen Custard in Katy, Texas, talks about her career running a frozen custard shop while still using the skills she learned from teaching.

(Photo Courtesy of Micki Welsh)

(Photo Courtesy of Micki Welsh)

Welsh has a degree in secondary education from the University of Louisiana – Lafayette. She also has a Master of Business Administration degree from Louisiana State University.

What does your current job entail? 

“Running a small business with Ritter’s entails quite a bit. On the administrative side, I do everything from the purchasing and inventory management to the cash management and payroll. On the operational side, I hire, train and schedule employees, as well as spend a large number of hours each week ‘working’ the shoppe, which includes everything from making the waffle cones to scooping sundaes.”

What is your favorite part of your daily duties?

“My favorite part of my daily duties is simply the variety each day offers. Every day is a unique set of challenges and tasks that need completing. There’s never a chance of being bored!”

Do you feel your education prepared you for your current role?

“Even my education degree has been helpful… the majority of my employees are high school students, and previous experience working with young people has certainly come in handy.”

Have you participated in any form of continuing education? 

“Before becoming involved in a franchise, I participated in regular formalized continuing education in the accounting field. Since owning a franchise, though, with less time for formal continuing education, I have relied on entrepreneurial and food service periodicals and internet sites for ideas to help my business.”

Do you have any advice for people wanting to pursue a similar career? 

“My advice for someone looking to be a franchisee would be to find a current franchisee to job shadow for a period of time. It’s hard to imagine just how many hats you wear in this kind of business until you’ve actually experienced it.”

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