The world of business and how we consume entertainment and information has been greatly changed by the advent of computers and other incredible personal technologies. Collaboration between team members and working efficiently on the go or in the office has been greatly impacted by laptops, smartphones and more, which nearly all offices have nowadays. If you’re looking to start a career now and are just finishing up school, you will most likely be very familiar with using computers in your daily life and understand the basics on how they work. You’ll have an advantage over others looking for a career in technology, and it could be a great career choice for you to become a computer programmer.

Computer programmers write code in computer programs that tell the machines what to do, and they also help to edit and maintain other programmer’s code to check for quality and consistency. Computer programs have the ability to do many various tasks, from simply making sure that Windows boots up correctly to helping to operate the space station. Computer programs have become so ingrained into our daily lives that people don’t notice that they’re using computer programs – like apps on a smartphone – nearly constantly. There is a great market for those with the right skills to find a job as a computer programmer because of our reliance on computers.

Annually, an average computer programmer in Houston will make $75,000, according to They usually have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related technical field. Because of the evolving nature of our technical fields, many computer programmers take continuing education courses to learn new programming languages in order to stay relevant. For those who are looking to move up in their career or start their own business, a master’s degree can also be of help.

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