Paul Gallant and Jim Mudd proudly present “Spoiler Alert”, the podcast that breaks down the top shows on television. You can catch the latest episode every week on

On the latest episode, Paul & Jim open up the podcast breaking down the “Fear The Walking Dead” season premiere. We all know what’s in store for this show’s characters. But put yourselves in their shoes . . . how would YOU handle these early scenarios?

In the last third of the podcast – starting at about 24:48 – Paul & Jim talk about the latest episode of USA’s hit show “Mr. Robot”, one they consider to be today’s top TV Show. We encourage you to catch up on the show – and you can watch the whole first season thus far at this link here – before you listen.

Take a listen to the show below:

Paul Gallant co-hosts the “B-Straw and Pauly G” show – weeknights 7-11 PM on SportsRadio 610. He also hosts SportsZone Unfiltered – Fridays at 10 PM – on The Kube: Channel 57. Get in touch with Paul via email or at his facebook page: Paul Gallant: SportsRadio610.

Jim Mudd produces “In The Loop” – weekdays 6-10 AM on SportsRadio 610.


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