Working in healthcare is about providing the best care possible for the patients. Health administration professionals work to make sure the hospital or physician’s office runs smoothly and the employees have the resources they need to do their jobs. Douglas B. Barry of Cardon Outreach talks about his career in healthcare.

(Photo Courtesy of  Douglas B. Barry)

(Photo Courtesy of Douglas B. Barry)

What degree program did you study?

“I earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Health Care Administration from Columbia Union College. I am also certified in patient accounting through the American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management (AAHAM).”

What does your current job entail?

“The majority of my job is making sure that we as a company are providing the best service in the industry.  My role is to make sure providers see our company as fully aligned with their mission and values, and that we deliver the best possible financial results at a fair price.”

What is your favorite part of your daily duties?

“Hands down, it’s working with so many talented professionals. It is a real privilege to work among so many caring and dedicated individuals.”

Do you feel your education prepared you for your current role?

“Because I worked for hospitals directly while pursuing my degree, the answer is yes. Having a broad understanding of the business helped me when I was with PricewaterhouseCoopers and with providers prior to this role.”

Have you participated in any form of continuing education? 

“I attend numerous education sessions provided by professional groups such as the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA). I also took graduate level accounting courses at Hood College to better understand the financial world in healthcare.”

Do you have any advice for people wanting to pursue a similar career?

“Taking courses that are directly tied to where you want to go with your career is critical. You will learn your industry, one piece at a time, but knowing the broader picture will allow you to accelerate your personal goals.”

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