HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – Here are the interesting nuggets and notes from Bill O’Brien’s press conference the day after the Texans victory over the 49ers to open the preseason. For an update on Jadeveon Clowney you can find that here.


O’Brien didn’t address the quarterback situation much but he noted that he liked some things from all three.

“I thought that those guys went out there played consistently. Reacted to different things that came up in the game that they hadn’t seen in training camp and reacted pretty well. Played with some poise.

“Did they make some mistakes? Yeah each one of them made some mistakes.”

Ryan Mallett will get the start for the Texans in their second preseason contest against the Broncos. Read about the quarterbacks from last night right here.

Su’a-Filo Still Out

Texans head coach Bill O’Brien didn’t have good news about Texans offensive lineman Xavier Su’a-Filo.

“He’s dealing with, it’s more of a soft tissue deal than anything and he’s working very hard to be back.

“I don’t think he’ll be back this week though.”

Sideline Home for Godsey

Texans offensive coordinator George Godsey, who has taken over playcalling duties for the Texans this season, was on the sidelines for last night’s game and O’Brien indicated that was permanent.

“I have a strong belief that the guy that calls the plays and coaches the quarterbacks needs to look at that guy eyeball to eyeball inbetween series.

“Also I believe the play caller gets a much better feel for the game. The push on the line of scrimmage. The speed of the game. How things are working temp-wise from the field.”

Young Defensive Line

O’Brien said the team needs to get better along the defensive line and work on.

“The defensive line as a whole played hard. There’s some technique things that we all need to work on there.”

He mentioned hands and footwork as focuses when the team reconvenes on Monday.

Louis Nix was thrilled to be back last night and noted he wasn’t sure how well he did. O’Brien doesn’t think he will like watching back his performance.

“As far as him having a big grin on his face and all that, good for him, but I’m sure when he watches the tape, just like everybody else, he’s going to know that you know there’s a lot of things we need to improve upon.”

Rookie defensive lineman Christian Covington earned some praise from the head coach.

“Christian plays hard. He’s got a lot of technique that he needs to improve upon but he plays hard he’s on his feet. He’s not on the ground a lot which is a good thing for a rookie defensive lineman. He’s got some instincts in there. Smart kid. I think just because of his work ethic he’ll improve.


Lack of execution of small details played a part in the team’s failure on the goal line according to O’Brien.

The two-point conversion play calling theory and the goal line theory are different.

Alfred Blue looked good according to the head coach but he has room for improvement.

The special teams has to get better. Coverage was “decent” and kickoff return was “not very good.” Punt return showed “flashes of being okay.”

O’Brien said backup center James Ferentz did some good things and could play guard if needed.

He said he liked what he saw from Kevin Johnson but all the rookies needed to get the first-game jitters out. He mentioned he told Johnson “this isn’t Duke that you’re playing this is the San Francisco 49ers.”

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