Working with communities of people to ensure that everything is running smoothly and residents are happy can be a big job. Despite their often negative reputation in media, homeowners associations can do very good work for their communities and the people that live there if they are ran effectively. Pam Bailey of Chaparral Management Company talks about her career in helping these groups do their best work for the residents.

(Photo Courtesy of Pam Bailey)

(Photo Courtesy of Pam Bailey)

What does your current job entail?  

“My company manages community associations (HOA) in northwest Harris and southern Montgomery Counties. My role, other than CEO, is community development, helping residents embrace the lifestyle of their community by understanding the roles and responsibilities of their community.”

What is your favorite part of your daily duties? 

“Solving problems and educating residents and board members on the benefits of living in a deed-restricted community.”

Do you feel your education prepared you for your current role?

“Education is something you learn everyday. I feel my education is ongoing.”

Have you participated in any form of continuing education? 

“Yes, I serve on the national faculty of CAI, I serve on the Texas Community Association Advocates, and on the board of directors of the local Houston CAI chapter. Working in this business allows me to learn every day and while I am someone in this country teaching, I am also learning from my students.”

Do you have any advice for people wanting to pursue a similar career?

“This is a wonderful career that requires patience, kindness and caring. We are dealing with people and their homes every day, and we are not property managers we are lifestyle managers. It is a rewarding business to help someone solve a problem, get their assessment paid or understand why they must be good citizens in their communities.”

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