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This week’s topic was inspired by Texans head coach Bill O’Brien, who got pretty salty when asked about his quarterbacks Sunday. It got us thinking . . . who is the angriest coach of all time?

1. Woody Hayes – Ohio State (1951 – ’78) Football Coach

You probably know about the time Woody Hayes punched Clemson nose tackle Charlie Bauman. But that was just the last blip on this anger-nado’s rage-dar.

[Note: Neither of those last two words are actually words. Let’s watch Hayes freak out again and forget those attempts at humor.]

2. John Chaney – Temple (1982 – 2006) Basketball Coach

It’s one thing if you threaten to kill John Calipari after a game . . .

[Note: He’s probably not the only college basketball coach to feel so . . . strongly . . . about Calipari]

But when you send in a player to purposely commit hard fouls – like Chaney did with Nehemiah Ingram against Saint Joseph’s in 2005 – because you think the referees aren’t calling the game correctly, you’ve got issues.

3. Bobby Knight – Indiana (1971 – 2000), Texas Tech (2001 – 2008) Basketball Coach

Knight’s temper was so legendary, he got to play himself in the Adam Sandler movie Anger Management.

[Note: Starring in Adam Sandler movies = not necessarily a good thing. Unless you’re Adam Sandler. $$$]

4. Earl Weaver – Baltimore Orioles (1968 – ’82, ’85-’86) Manager

Weaver was ejected 91 times over his managerial career . . . that we’re sure of. Some have him at 98!

His anger paved the way for clowns legends like Phillip Wellman.

5. Lou Piniella – Yankees (’86-’88), Reds (’90-’92), Mariners (’93-2002), Devil Rays (’03-’05), Cubs (’07-’10) Manager

Piniella wasn’t quite Weaver, but he got pretty damn close. He was ejected 65 times.

6. Mike Ditka

Hurricane Ditka.

7. Miguel Herrera

Herrera’s passion is well documented. See the celebration above.

That said, it’s probably not a good idea to punch a reporter.

8. This Guy From Friday Night Tykes

Calm down bro.

Listener and reader nominations will be accepted until Thursday at midnight. Friday at 9 PM CT on “B-Straw and Pauly G”, a bracket will be created, and a “Championship” will be won.

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