Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – As the first day of practice during the Texans’ 2015 training camp closed, the praise for J.J. Watt kept pouring in from Vince Wilfork.

The veteran defensive lineman, now in his 12th NFL season, has played with some major defensive talent over the years with the New England Patriots, but Wilfork can’t say enough about his new teammate.

“He’s a man, he’s a man,” Wilfork said. “And to do what he’s done so far in his young career…he’s a special player. I’ve been around a lot of guys and he’s right at the top of the list and the crazy thing is, he’s still young, so I’m excited to see what he’s going to bring this year with me, and hopefully I can help him out.”

When Wilfork was asked what he looks forward to teaching Watt, he let out a hearty laugh from his 6-2, 325-pound body.

“Teach him what? What am I going to teach J.J.? One thing we’re going to teach each other is we’re going to compete at the highest level,” Wilfork said. “You’re going to have to ask him what he’s going to get from me, but what I’m going to get from him is just watching how he works. He’s a professional.”

With training camp finally here and real practices getting underway, Wilfork and Watt can really go at it and challenge each other.

“We’re going to compete every day,” Wilfork said. “We’re going to find something to compete about, but with him it’s going to be difficult to find something to compete with him because in every category, he’s a beast. So, I’m gonna have to find something. I’ll have to dig up something on him.”

That should be fun to watch throughout camp and the season. Another member of the Wilfork family has already had her moment with Watt. Vince’s wife, Bianca, posted a picture of their daughter, Destiny, with Watt after Saturday’s practice.

“One of the reasons I came here is because of my daughter,” Wilfork said. “She said the only reason she was going to move here is if she got a chance to meet him, so I said, ‘OK’ and I made that promise some months back and it finally paid off for me right now, so I’m the best dad in the world right now.”

This is the caption Bianca posted on her Instagram account along with the photo of Destiny and Watt (mrs75):

“Destiny was not happy about moving…Until she realized @justinjames99 played for @houstontexans she said daddy if we move to Texas and you sign this contract you have to have JJ Watt over for a BBQ and I have to meet him… He sent her a special video to hold her over and today her wish came true! Thanks @justinjames99!