By Garret Heinrich

Houston Texans Star J.J. Watt is the most recognizable face in Houston. He will begin a new campaign with Reliant Energy on Thursday.

The purpose of the campaign is to show the versatility of Reliant as an energy provider, just like Watt is so versatile as an athlete. Watt participates in Synchronized Swimming with a team while explaining the benefits of Reliant. Then he is also seen curling with explosive perfection.

You can watch the commercials below and the behind the scenes video above. We’re not too surprised that Watt knows a little about curling, being from Wisconsin, but his skills in the pool are on point as well.

Synchronized Swimming – Security

Curling – Security

Synchronized Swimming – Home Energy Checkup

Curling – Home Energy Checkup

These commercials will start airing Thursday in areas that Reliant is available.


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