As businesses grow, they need to find more people to help them succeed in their corporate goals. While the CEO or founder may have been able to do all the hiring himself when it was a company of five, if there are hundreds of employee roles that all need to be filled, promotions managed, and jobs taken over after people leave or retire, it isn’t possible for just one person to manage the recruitment and hiring of these new employees on top of another role. Recruiters help companies find their next employees.

Recruiters have flexible job options. They can work for themselves as a freelancer, as an employee of a particular company or division, or for a staffing agency. No matter their employment situation, their duties are very similar. The recruiter helps the department with the opening to determine what they need from their ideal candidate: what skills and accomplishments they should have, how many years of experience in similar jobs, and if they need any specific degrees or certifications. After they know this and create the job description, they use networking, job fairs, online applications and many other ways to reach out to job seekers who fit these requirements.

After they find the most qualified candidates from the applicant pool, they arrange their interviews with the hiring manager. This is most often the person who will be the new employee’s boss. Recruiters also help with negotiations on salary and benefits after the hiring manager has chosen a final candidate. Those working in a corporate role may also be asked to help with the orientation process for the new hire as well as run any background or reference checks required by the company.

The median salary for a recruiter in Houston is $53,430 per year, according to, which is higher than the national average household income, however, many recruiters in Houston will make much more if they are working as a corporate recruiter for a large company, or specialize on a focused and in-demand skill set like technology. Recruiters usually have at least a bachelor’s degree in the social sciences, business or humanities.

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