(CBS Houston) – David Letterman made an epic appearance along with Steve Martin and Martin Short while they were touring for their show “A Very Stupid Conversation….With Music”.

Letterman told the audience how happy he was to be there and then said, “I retired and I had no regrets—none. I was happy. I was complacent. I was satisfied. I was content. And then a couple of days ago, Donald Trump said he was running for president. I have made the biggest mistake of my life, ladies and gentlemen.”

Just as if Letterman was doing a late night show he told the audience as they cheered, “Every suit I own comes with a Top 10 list,” as reported by E! online.

As Steve Martin and Martin Short laughed he began to read off “Interesting Facts About Donald Trump.”

Letterman’s list included:

“No. 10: That thing on his head was the gopher in Caddyshack.”

“No. 5: Donald Trump weighs 240 pounds—250 with cologne.”

“No. 3 (tie). That’s not a hairdo, it’s a wind advisory.”

“No. 2. Donald Trump has pissed off so many Mexicans, he’s starring in a new movie entitled No Amigos.”

Trump has yet to comment on the list from Letterman.


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