Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – The Houston Texans were in the running for Peyton Manning when he was leaving the Indianapolis Colts before the 2012 season. Manning chose to go to the Denver Broncos where he has led them to a Super Bowl appearance and an AFC Championship game.   The Coach of the Texans in 2012 was Gary Kubiak, who is now the head coach of the Broncos.

Reports Tuesday night from Denver radio host Brian Allbright cited sources that said Peyton Manning was almost sent to Houston this off-season in a trade with the Denver Broncos. Allbright talked to B-Straw and Pauly G Tuesday night on SportsRadio 610.  The Denver Broncos denied the report immediately after.

SportsRadio 610 has learned that the Broncos and Texans, did in fact, have “very preliminary” talks about the Houston Texans acquiring the future Hall of Fame quarterback this offseason, according to a source.

The talks between the two teams occurred before Peyton Manning signed his restructured deal with the Broncos and before the Texans signed free-agent quarterback Brian Hoyer.  If the Texans were to acquire Manning they would have had to restructure Manning’s deal and SportsRadio 610’s source says the money in Houston would not have been as high as the $15 million Manning got from the Broncos.  That $15 MIL was a $4 million paycut for the quarterback.