Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – Vince Wilfork has something J.J. Watt desperately wants, a championship pedigree. And when someone has something J.J. Watt wants, he does everything possible to get it.

So as the Texans get ready to wrap up mandatory minicamp, Watt has been picking Wilfork’s brain about leadership on championship teams.

“He has a lot of experience,” Watt said Tuesday. “He’s been in the league for, I think, 12 years. So he’s seen a lot of things. He’s seen championship teams. He’s been around great players, great leaders, so obviously myself being a leader, I’m always trying to be the best leader I can be. So I go to him…”

Watt has a pedigree of his own, winning defensive player of the year last season, but Wilfork is one of the few players in the NFL who’s resume can make him stop and listen.

“I just let him speak and listen to what he has to say,” Watt said. “(I) let him talk about my leadership. What he thinks I can do better. What he thinks I can improve on. What I need to keep doing, so it’s been great.”

“He said he likes what he sees,” Watt continued. “Vince has been very complimentary of everything that we’ve been trying to build here and he’s been awesome. I was trying to get something out of him today and he was like ‘listen just keep doing what you are doing’. So I’m going to just keep doing what I’m doing.”