Houston (CBS Houston) – Everyone know the big guy likes to eat, but he likes to cook too. Texans nose guard Vince Wilfork might still getting used to being in a Texans uniform, but he’s already got designs on a team barbecue at his house.

“I like to cook,” Wilfork said Tuesday. “I like to have guys over.”

The 325 lbs, 33 year-old has a reputation for barbecuing, but he thinks it also serves an important role in the team building process.

“I like to bring the team together (to) do things as one,” Wilfork said. “Outside of football you can always see what type of people you have around you. Sometimes a lot of people don’t want to talk while they’re here at work, but they’ll talk one on one or behind closed doors. So I use those moments as team bonding, one on one bonding.”

After recently picking up his second super bowl ring, it might not be a bad idea to throw a team party at Wilfork’s house.

“(It’s) just being together, picking each others brains and just getting a feel of what type of guys I’m around,” Wilfork said. “They get a chance to see my family. See how I do out away from work so, but it’s coming soon.”