Healthcare and medical technology have been improving greatly over the past few decades, and large populations of people are living longer than ever before. This has allowed a whole new set of health problems to arise, especially in those who are older. Many chronic health conditions require careful monitoring and treatment, so that patients can live their lives without interruption. The kind of kidney disease that requires dialysis treatments is one of these chronic health conditions. People can now live with these diseases if they have regular treatments to address their symptoms in the form of dialysis treatments. Most patients needing dialysis have these treatments at least twice a week, sometimes more often, and the procedure can be complex and take multiple hours. Because technologies are improving and more people are living with kidney disease and needing the treatments, the demand for nurses and other health care professionals trained to deal with dialysis and the procedures will be much higher in the future.

A dialysis nurse has specialized training and taken extra courses that include instruction on how to use the dialysis machines and everything that could be affected when undergoing dialysis treatments. These nurses always have at least an associate degree. They also have passed the nursing certification exam. Many dialysis nurses continue their education past the associate degree and have at least their bachelor’s degree. The trend is for nurses to seek out higher and higher degrees as the medical technology and understanding of human systems improves.

According to, a renal dialysis nurse in Houston could make $70,133 annually as a median salary, which also means that half of dialysis nurses make more. For someone with a bachelor’s degree and the education that helps make a difference in people’s lives, this could help create a very comfortable life. This is a great potential career for anyone looking to help others, As more of our population ages and will need dialysis services.

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