Houston (CBS Houston) – Bill O’Brien announced quarterback’s coach George Godsey has been elevated to offensive coordinator for the 2015 season. Godsey, who came to the Texans after coaching tight ends in New England, also played quarterback for O’Brien at Georgia Tech.

In 2014, the Texans operated without a named as Godsey and O’Brien combined to fulfill the duties.

“It’s really not too much different than what he did last year,” O’Brien said.

“I just thought he did a heck of a job last year. Did a really good job of dealing with all the things that came up during the year and he deserves this opportunity.”

O’Brien mentioned Godsey is one of the first guys to arrive and his studious habits make him an attractive asset to the offense along with his input in meetings. He also mentioned the players respect him and his high demands on them.

O’Brien joked a lot of Godsey’s success comes from his work behind the scenes and the team being on “Hard Knocks” will showcase Godsey’s work well.

Changing Godsey’s title most likely won’t have a huge effect in the day to day structure of the coaching staff, a staff O’Brien says needs no more adjustments.


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