Paul Gallant and Jim Mudd proudly present “Spoiler Alert”, the podcast that breaks down the top shows on television. You can catch the latest episode every Thursday on

On the latest episode, Paul, Jim, and Garret Heinrich discuss the most recent Game of Thrones episode, “The Gift”:

1:10 – Did the episode go through too many plot-lines?
3:40 – How Cersei accidentally went all “Oberyn Martell”. In less gory fashion.
6:40 – Olenna Tyrell is on a 2 game “Words With Friends” losing streak
10:03 – Paul and Jim pay their respects to the late Aemon Targaryen, and Jim explains a theory regarding Jon Snow’s origins: R + L = J
12:35 – Could Stannis do the unthinkable?
15:40 – Jim hints at the possibility of “flashbacks” in future seasons of the show
18:47 – The Boltons look extremely cozy in Winterfell. And did Theon consider helping Sansa? Or did he go straight to Ramsay?

PS – Bronn is a fabulous singer. Seriously. Andin real life too!

Take a listen to the show below:

Paul Gallant co-hosts the “B-Straw and Pauly G” show – weeknights 7-11 PM on SportsRadio 610. He also hosts SportsZone Unfiltered – Fridays at 10 PM – on The Kube: Channel 57. Get in touch with Paul via email or at his facebook page: Paul Gallant: SportsRadio610.

Jim Mudd produces “In The Loop” – weekdays 6-10 AM on SportsRadio 610.


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