Andy Drumheller is a lawyer with the law offices of Rusty Hardin and Associates in Houston, Texas. He has a B.A. from The University of Texas and a J.D. from Texas Tech University.

(Photo Courtesy of Andy Drumheller)

(Photo Courtesy of Andy Drumheller)

What is your educational background?

“I went to Baylor University for a semester and then transferred to the University of Texas at Austin where I graduated with a B.A. in Soviet and East European studies. Immediately after college, I went to the Texas Tech University School of Law where I obtained a J.D. in 1995. I was involved in debate as an extracurricular activity from middle school in Abilene through my first semester of college in Waco. More than any class I ever took, debate influenced my future path. I loved learning under pressure about issues and subjects that were unfamiliar to me. I worked my way through college and law school as a waiter and bartender.”

What does your current role entail?

“My first professional job after law school was as an assistant district attorney at the Harris County District Attorney’s Office (Houston is the county seat of Harris County, Texas). Criminal law was a natural fit and good starting place for me because I had grown up around it. My father and grandfather were both law enforcement officers with the Texas Department of Public Safety. I worked in the trial bureau of the district attorney’s office for about three years and then joined Rusty Hardin & Associates, LLP where I have been for about eighteen years. I am a partner in our practice and focus on litigation for both criminal and civil cases.”

How does your education help you in your job?

“My current law practice exposes me almost every day to people, professions, and cultures that are new to me. A liberal arts education, in addition to my time working outside of school and being involved in debate, prepared me to meet these challenges with flexibility and an open mind. The people I meet through my work are usually facing some of the biggest problems in their own lives. This can range from criminal charges to the loss of their livelihood or business. It is important for me to evaluate both sides of the issues so I can steer my clients through the legal process as compassionately and effectively as possible.”

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