By Cody Stoots

Houston (CBS Houston) – D.J. Swearinger may believe his time in Houston is coming to an end but as of right now the head coach and general manager of the Texans said the same thing: He’s still on the team.

“He’s still on the team,” Bill O’Brien said when asked Swearinger. “He’s on our team.”

Rick Smith had the same message that the safety is “still on our football team.”

Both weighed in on Swearinger’s post from earlier Monday with O’Brien saying “it’s a free country” as far as the social media post and Smith started his conversation today that Swearinger is free to post and participate in social media “any way that he likes.”

Smith indicated he had not told Swearinger that he would be traded and reiterated his earlier comments that he remains on the team.

O’Brien wanted to make clear all the moves the Texans make are towards one goal.

“Every decision we make is in the best interest of the team, and winning,” he said.

If there was work behind the scenes to form a trade, the social media post doesn’t alter or impeded anything that could happen for Smith.

“No it doesn’t,” he said. “It’s immaterial to anything that could be going on.”

Swearinger’s teammate Alfred Blue weighed in on the situation on SportsRadio 610 on MaD Radio today. He seemingly thinks we have seen the last of Swearinger in a Texans uniform.

“He’s a great guy man,” Blue said. “Me coming in as a rookie last year, he kind of took me under his wing. Showed me a couple of things. He’s a hard worker out there. I’m just sorry to see him leave. I hope he was still here with us and help us prepare to go to the Super Bowl.”

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