EL PASO, Texas (CBS Houston) – FBI Director James Comey stopped by El Paso, Texas on Wednesday to shut down reports and rumors that there is an Islamic State, or ISIL, camp that poses a serious threat across the border.

According to KVIA, Director James Comey made his second trip to El Paso this week to speak with local law enforcement about public corruption, human trafficking and ISIL.

His words on ISIL and the threat they pose to America focused more on rumors that there is a camp developing across the border; rumors he says simply aren’t true.

“I know since there’s been a lot of attention to this in the media that has reached my eyes and ears in Washington,” Comey said. “The media reports on if there is an ISIL camp across the border here in El Paso? Nonsense. Not true. It frustrates me a little bit because my folks have to run out such things, because we do run out every tip to make sure there isn’t something to it. There is nothing to it.”

Comey’s words come after two North Texas addresses were listed on an ISIS hit list that also included the names of 100 American military personnel.


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