Paul Gallant and Jim Mudd proudly present “Spoiler Alert”, the podcast that breaks down the top shows on television. You can catch the latest episode every Thursday on

On the latest episode:

1:30 – How Daenerys Targaryen nearly got herself killed
4:55 – Will Drogon the dragon save the day?
9:50 – Cersei’s getting deep into that wine
13:30 – Where could Jaime and Bronn rank in terms of “dynamic duos”?
19:40 – Who frustrated you more: Brienne of Tarth or Jon Snow?
23:00 – The duo go on a Star Wars: Episode VII trailer tangent

Take a listen to the show below:

Paul Gallant hosts the “B-Straw and Pauly G” show – weeknights 7-11 PM – with Brien Straw. Get in contact with Paul on Twitter – @PaulyGSays – or on Facebook – Paul Gallant.

Jim Mudd produces “In The Loop” – weekdays 6-10 AM. Get in contact with him on Twitter – @JimMudd.


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