Chandler Parsons may or may not play in game two of the NBA Playoffs, and depending upon who you talk to, he may or may not have really played in game one.

Dwight Howard told the media Tuesday that it does not matter who does or does not play because Houston’s game plan is not altered either way. “He looked good to me. I know he dunked one early in the game. I was shocked he did it. He actually dunked two early in the game. You know, I didn’t see anything, but you can never really tell. You never know how serious an injury is just by looking at somebody,” Howard responded to Parsons effectiveness in his first game back in a couple of weeks.

His current teammate saw things differently though. “We need him to attack. We need him to have his legs, and he just looked, his jumper just looked a little off. But if you don’t play in like two weeks that’s tough to come out in the first playoff game right away in a stadium you played in, not being 100%. That’s tough. A tough situation, but he made the best of it,” Dirk Nowitzi said of Parsons in game one.

Like Howard, Nowitzi said the teams can only worry about the guys who are on the floor. Al-Farouq Aminu is a guy who will definitely be on the floor for extended periods if Parsons does not play. “Aminu is a multiple position player who can play three and four. He’s one of our best rebounders. He one of our best defenders and shot blockers, believe it or not. You know, his activity is very important to our system and how we play. So, we need him to play at a high level. We need all of our guys to play at a high level. We just need, we’re gonna have to pick it up a notch in game two,” Rick Carlisle said of Parsons back up. Carlisle said both Parsons and Devon Harris will be game time decisions.

While the verdict is split on the extent of Parsons injury and how much his play was impacted, the speculation will continue until that game time decision is made because the former Rocket has not spoken himself. After telling media members he would speak after a short break, Parsons disappeared to receive treatment on the knee in question and thus dodging questions of will he or won’t he be in the lineup for the chorus of boos that filled the Toyota Center in game one.

Game two tips off at 8:30 at the Toyota Center.

*Update: Rick Carlisle told the media in his pregame press conference that Chandler Parsons is out indefinitely. Parsons will be evaluated tomorrow in Dallas. Carlisle’s demeanor went from outwardly optimistic in Tuesday’s shoot around, to concern for Parson’s long term health. “It’s become clear to those of us close to him that he’s been in more pain than he’s let on,” Carlisle said. Devon Harris is also out for game two.

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