Knowing what your risks are as a business or professional is the first step to making yourself secure. In today’s technical age, we need to ensure our security online as well as physically. Mano Paul talks about his career in cybersecurity.

(Photo Courtesy of Mano Paul)

(Photo Courtesy of Mano Paul)

What does your current job entail? 

“Serving as the CEO of SecuRisk Solutions since its inception in 2007, I focus on ensuring that our clients and customers get the best possible information (cyber) security training and consulting services to both private and public clients. I have to blend and efficiently manage the technical, operational and management aspects of my role.”

What is your favorite part of your daily duties?

“Since the cybersecurity threat landscape changes daily, each day is a new day; which I think is the best part of my job. One day, I am training clients on building hacker-resilient applications; another day, I am researching the newest threat that is disclosed; and another day, I am consulting with clients on how to improve and mature their security posture. Education is, however, my passion, and since it empowers others with knowledge and skills to be better at their own jobs, I enjoy training. Any trainee of mine, I guarantee, can attest to that. Spending time educating the upcoming workforce is what I enjoy most. All in all, I love every aspect of my job.”

Do you have any advice for people wanting to pursue a similar career?

“For those who are interested in pursuing a career in information security, I would highly encourage them to do so for a few reasons: One, it really is a hot field now as threats from hackers continue to evolve. More and more companies, and countries, are getting hacked. Even the physical security aspects are getting blended with information security threats as physical access controls are becoming digitized. Second, there is a dearth of people today who are trained and educated in cybersecurity. So, from a personal career growth standpoint, it is a great place for you to be. To be successful in this field, learn how networks works, how systems are protected and, most importantly, how to program. Getting a computer science or, even better, a management information security degree, with focus on security courses (if your university offers it) is a good place to start. Third, sharing, as they say, is an expression of ‘caring.’ Whatever you learn in the field of cybersecurity, be willing to share it. This helps to create a more secure cyber world not just for us, but for generations to come.”

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