HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – It’s a hotly-debated topic, no matter the sport, come awards time. Who should win the MVP?

In the NBA, it’s become virtually a two-man race between the Rockets’ James Harden and Golden State’s Stephen Curry.

Both have their qualifications. Both are among the league’s elite.

“I feel as though I’m the MVP,” Harden said in an NBA.com article published on Thursday.

On Friday, Harden was asked to clarify what he said.

“I said that my name being in the conversation – obviously, it’s a blessing and it’s an honor,” Harden said. “I said, if I had to choose (an MVP), then that’s what I would choose, but I’m not worried about it. I’m focused on winning and doing the right things to get my team ready for the playoffs.

“I think I’ve done enough (to win the MVP),” he added. “But, like I said, that’s not my main focus.”

While the MVP isn’t Harden’s main priority, he did acknowledge that it would mean something to win the award.

“It would be a blessing, a great honor, something I’ve dreamed of as a kid,” Harden said. “I think every kid dreams of being the MVP of the NBA, so it’d be a blessing. It would definitely be an honor.