By: Alex Del Barrio, Sportsradio 610By Alex Del Barrio

(CBS HOUSTON) – The 31st edition of the “Showcase of the Immortals” is upon us this Sunday from Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA. Wrestlemania 31’s build-up has left a lot to be desired, however the card on paper shapes up to be as solid as ever. There is some drama, mystery, an exciting return, and a long anticipated debut.

This edition of the Super Bowl of Sports-Entertainment has something for everyone and with there being an abundance of wrestling geeks (we prefer aficionados) here at Sportsradio 610, we have decided to give you not only our predictions but the official Sportsradio 610 Wrestlemania Preview Podcast courtesy of yours truly and Cody Stoots which you will find at the top of this page.

Also below are the official predictions for the entire Wrestlemania card from myself, Cody Stoots, the boss man Ryan McCredden, Nate And Creight Co-host Patrick Creighton and the producer Eddie Penn. You may be asking yourself where is Sean Pendergast’s predictions? Well he went heel on us and is doing his own blog, because He’s Sean Freaking Pendergast…If you want to read his predictions.. You can do so HERE 

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Kickoff Pre-show: Fatal 4 Way for the WWE Tag Team Titles – Cesaro & Tyson Kidd (c) v. The Usos, The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Big E), Los Matadores 

Alex Del Barrio: I get a little upset that the tag titles get relegated to the pre-show. However with the WWE Network there really is no difference between the pre-show and the card itself. Cesaro and Kidd have been an interesting tag team and have maximized their TV time since being put together. On thing that is interesting here, Cesaro and Kidd are the only heels in this match, but they may be the most over of the four teams in the match. An interesting twist here would be to see the Kofi and Big E turn heel and cheat to win over the Usos. I just can’t see them killing the little bit of momentum Kidd and Cesaro have built in the short time they have been together.. I say Kidd and Cesaro retain with a pin on one of Los Matadores.

Cody Stoots: This is way better than Wrestlemania 13 which featured the Headbangers, The Godwins, and The New Blackjacks among others challenging for the title. It is a far cry from the Hardy, Dudley, and Edge & Christian classics we have seen though. The champs retain because none of these other goofs deserve the title. Two-person big swing too.

Ryan McCredden: It’s too bad this is on the pre-show, cause I actually think this could end up being a really good match.  Lot of good talent here.  So, the wrestling day will start even earlier for me to watch this one.  Sorry Hun.  They’ve got a good thing going with Cesaro and Kidd so I’ll say they retain.

Patrick Creighton: 4-way tag match translates to WWE doesn’t think any two of them are good enough to pull a pre-show match alone.  Sad state of the tag division.

They brought back the NAO, can we get the Dudley Boyz back?  WE WANT TABLES.
in fact, the perfect ending to this match is that Dudleys and NAO come out and put every participant in this match through a table.
Eddie Penn: Usos win. To honor Rikishi.

Pre-Show Match Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Del Barrio: This match gave arguably the 2nd loudest pop of Wrestlemania 30 when Cesaro legitimately scooped up Big Show and slammed him over the top rope to win it. There is no story to be told here unless there is something on the line. I would love to see the winner get an open contract; not necessarily a title match but just an open challenge contract. For instance if you are trying to make a young star have someone like Curtis Axel win and get to challenge John Cena at a pay-per-view to a “get the rub” With this match moving to the pre-show little will be made about it with the exception of Hideo Itami (KENTA) competing in it making his WWE main roster debut. I think Mizdow is a great pick to win this with the darkhorse being the returning Sheamus.The prediction will be officially Mizdow

Stoots: Who I want to win? Curtis Axel. I think this would be hilarious. It could propel him further into conspiracy theory mode and set up some accidental wins in number one contender matches but ultimately the joke is on Axel, and he isn’t in on it. Axelmania runs wild but not to the finish.

Who will win? Ryback. They need something to give him steam right now. He could go into something with the Intercontinental or U.S. Champ after this. He could also interact with plenty of people in the match to set something up.
Surprise Winner? Hideo Itami. How about the NXT phenom coming up and winning something like this and propelling himself right into the mid-card of Raw and Smackdown. I wouldn’t mind seeing a few NXT stars in there.

McCreddenWho is even in this?  Why do they even have this?  Is this the Royal Rumble 1.5.  Prediction, I use the restroom, get a snack and come back to see that somebody won.

Creighton: Its so important to the card its on the pre-show.  When looking up the competitors, there’s going to be an awful lot of guys pulling double duty.  BTW – where is Cesaro?  He won this last year, not even listed as a participant this year.

Penn: If Axel wins we riot

Ladder Match for the WWE Intercontinental Title – Bad News Barrett (c) v. Dolph Ziggler vs. R-Truth vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper vs. Stardust vs. Daniel Bryan 

Del Barrio: This match is one of the matches I am most excited about. Early in the Mania build once we knew we weren’t getting Bryan v. Lesnar; I was really hoping for Bryan v. Ziggler. We didn’t get that, but they are both in this match. R-Truth has been sensational during the last six weeks on the mic and with his antics. I would love to see a situation where either Ziggler or Bryan win with some sort of controversy to set up a best-of-five or best-of-seven series between the two for the IC title for the next several months. Want to bring prestige to the IC title again have the best two workers in the company battle seven times in a variety of matches to decide the true IC champion. I say Ziggler wins because everyone assumes Bryan will win.

Stoots: This has match of the year potential. I really think it does but I think it could disappoint. I trust a lot of these performers but I don’t know if the mix is perfect. There isn’t a true high-flyer like previous Money in the Bank matches but enough of these guys can be daring. I also think Sheamus will be back for this match. 7 is a weird number but 8 is right. If he comes back the Celtic warrior walks out with the strap. If he doesn’t then Bryan bests Ziggler in the match’s final moments to become the champ.

McCreddenShould be a great match that could steal the show.  Shame Daniel Bryan fell into this but that’s what injuries will do.  Again, I don’t think they give a headliner like Bryan the IC belt, but it would be a great belt for either Dolph or Dean.  I think an ongoing Ambrose vs. Barrett feud would be best for business, so I’m going to say Ambrose walks away with the belt.

Creighton: Can we add a few more people to this match?  Not a fan of these matches with so many people in them at once.  May as well be a Battle Royal – oh wait, there IS a battle royal on this card….Dolph should come out on top, but if he wins the belt, does that mean he gets hurt again?

Penn: Harder to choose. On one hand the whole WWE universe is waiting for zigglers moment, while Ambrose is too hot to just bury into jobber matches and of course Bryan is still headliner hot, which is why I think this will end up being manias best overall match (insert this is awesome chants). If I had to pick I’d say Bryan based on the fact I think WWE is trying to place top talent on every belt at the moment. Remember when top guys would go back and forth from champ to IC champ? The IC belt used to be a slight notch lower than the Championship belt.

WWE United States Title Match- Rusev (c) v. John Cena 

Del Barrio: I think the “Cena needs to put the young guy over” narrative is the most ridiculous argument in wrestling today. To me it is the pro wrestling equivalent to “If you have two quarterbacks you don’t have one” Cena is the American babyface and Rusev is the heel Russian sympathizer. Who cares that it is Cena? Cena MUST win the match. If Lesnar keeps title as a part timer you need to elevate the US title and the way to do that is by having Cena win the title and defend it like it matters. Rusev is due to be defeated as the undefeated streak element of him runs the risk of getting stale. Cena wins by submission IMO. I can also see a Lana babyface turn here.

Stoots: I am not bored with this but I am not excited about this showdown either. I like what could be done between these two in the ring. This also feels like a match that is going to go about twice as long as it needs to go before we get a finish. I wouldn’t mind Cena playing a little dirty against Rusev, but I also wouldn’t mind seeing Rusev retain. Ultimately the odds will be overcome. Cena by submission. 

McCreddenJohn Cena cannot win the US Title.  How many times has he held the Heavyweight Title…now they’re going to move him to this belt?  The fact that he’s in this match in general is odd, but to see him holding that belt would be even stranger.  Prediction, Rusev wins with a fantastic reappearance by Lana.  Bold storyline….Cena wins with help from Lana.  Either way, Wrestlemania needs Lana.  Just do a google image search.

Creighton: Cena is going to downsize to the US Title?  Not buying it.  However its time to spruce up the stale Cena character and put a little “Stone Cold” in him.  Cena should go berserk at the end of the match, beat Rusev, but have the decision overturned when he gets disqualified for not releasing the STF(U)….keeping Rusev with the belt, and unblemished record, and a crutch of “cena cheated and couldn’t take his belt while giving people some hope that Cena may have finally taken that turn to be able to challenge Lesnar in the future without being a heavy bag that Lesnar throws around the ring.

Penn: WWE is trying to make the US title prestigious again, which is why Cena will win to associate a big name with the title and get more people to watch US title matches, as much as we liked “we the people” swagger doesn’t get the views as Cena does


AJ Lee and Paige vs. The Bella Twins

Del Barrio: I was hoping after the little spat between AJ and Paige on RAW Monday that this would turn into a Fatal-4-Way for the Divas title. Can I use this space to praise the work of Nikki Bella lately? She has elevated her game to a level I never thought she had or wanted. She has embraced her power wrestling style. The match Nikki and Paige had on Raw was the best Divas match on Raw in several years. These four are by far the most deserving of a match at Wrestlemania. If this match stays a tag match, I can’t see the Bellas winning. I say someone pins Nikki Bella and lays claim to a shot at the Divas title.

Stoots: I’m impressed with this match in that I usually wouldn’t care. I don’t truly care and a Fatal 4-Way would have been better but this is some of the best female wrestling you will see. I trust it to be an interesting match assuming it isn’t sliced for time.

McCreddenDo they not think a Divas Championship match will be good enough for Wrestlemania?  I’m glad these Divas are in a match, I think they are the best they have.  But, it’s Wrestlemania, every belt should be on the line.  Maybe, all four of them start fighting and they make it a fatal four way match for the belt.  Now that would be interesting.  But since they won’t, I’m guessing the Bella’s walk out winners.

Creighton:  I don’t care about this match.  Even my 10 yr old son calls this the ‘bathroom break’ match.  We will probably put the Bagel Bites on at this point.

Penn: Aka Halftime……

Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton

Del Barrio: I think I am more excited about this match than any other one on the card outside of Sting and Triple H. Here’s why. Randy Orton is the the best all-around talent in WWE. His in-ring acumen and ability to tell a story in the ring is second to none. Rollins has quickly become the best heel in the company when we are in an era where everyone wants to be the cool heel. Rollins is by far the breakout star of the Shield. Both these guys have physical gifts that are unparalleled. I would love to see a finish of Rollins going for the Phoenix Splash and Orton hitting him with the “RKO OUTTA NOWHERE” I think Orton wins as that finishes the feud. Rollins can then turn his attention to when he cashes in MITB

Stoots: Rollins is the next Shawn Michaels. I know. High praise and high expectations to put on him but he has IT in the ring. Orton can wrestle anyone but I think a guy like Rollins can bring out the best in the Viper. The build to this has sucked but the match sure won’t. Rollins will win via his amazing Phoenix Splash. He will survive two RKOs too.

McCreddenIn a match that could be overlooked, but shouldn’t, the old future of the WWE and the new future of the WWE will be able to go head to head on Sunday.  I’m a big fan of both of these guys so I’m looking forward to this match.  They should just make this a no DQ match, because you know that it will spill out of the ring and get hardcore.  When that happens….Big Show, Kane or the munchkins will get involved and Rollins will walk away the winner.

Creighton: This should be a great match.  Can Orton go over as a ‘tweener face’ and cause a big rift in the Authority?  Orton is far better suited for the “Stone Cold” role of face who heels out when he feels like it than Cena, and that is a role that WWE is sorely lacking right now.  I want to see Orton RKO people backstage, in the stairwell, during interviews, RKO everyone.

I was disappointed he didn’t RKO Sting after they chased off the authority.  Austin would have given him a Stunner.  HBK would have dropped him with Swet Chin Music.
More RKOs please.
Penn: Best singles match of the day. Orton wins

Bray Wyatt vs. The Undertaker

Del Barrio: Cody Stoots said it best.. Wyatt has been feuding with a ghost for the last two months and it has been masterful. Also has Wyatt had a match at all in the last several weeks? It hasn’t mattered because his promos are on another level, even beyond Jake Roberts level. To me this is the set-up for next year when we will get Sting v. Taker. Both need signature wins. Again remember Wrestlemania is not for storylines to advance, it is where they end. As much as people want to say that Wyatt should win, I ask why? What does he get by beating Taker? He’s not after a “victory” he’s out to destroy him. Taker won’t retire on a loss IMO. I think Taker wins and I think he does it convincingly.

Stoots: Bray Wyatt has feuded with the most prolific ghost in sports entertainment history for the better part of two months. He is sick and twisted and sadistic and might just be too much for the Undertaker. The Deadman though is no slouch. I expect to see a monster emerge ready to rip the young beast apart. I trust Undertaker to set this match up look great. I also think it is easy to see how Bray and why Bray could escape with a win. I say Taker survives the beat down and wins via Tombstone.

McCreddenWhy?  Why?  Why?  It was a great way to end the run last year and the boots should have been hung up.  But, The Undertaker will come back again for his annual match and we’ll all say together when the lights turn on “wow he looks old”.  Then we’ll feel old and  have another drink.  I’m hoping the match will be good, but I’m feeling it will be slow and a little disappointing.  If Wyatt can carry this one, I’ll be impressed.  Oh, and prediction; he won’t lose two in a row.  Undertaker wins.  HOF next year.

Creighton: This match makes no sense to me.  Why have UT lose last year if not to walk off into the sunset?  I can’t imagine he’s coming back to lose again.  I have 100% expectancy that UT wins.  Not even a question.  More interested to see what he has left that he is coming back than in the match itself.  Just hope he doesn’t tarnish the legacy with a performance unbecoming of the Undertaker.

Penn: Disclaimer* I’m a taker homer…Only way I will regret missing mania this year is if this ends up being Takers last match. He won’t lose twice in a row. He seems like in better shape than he’s been in years. Taker wins. Crosses fingers for a Paul Bearer hologram just to piss off Alex. HOF next year and last match with Stone Cold. Would be last match for both. In their home state, instantly sell out Jerry World.

Sting vs. Triple H

Del Barrio:  I am starting to feel bad for Triple H as he is now the dude that everyone beats, he’s a bigger stronger Jericho. I don’t think there is any way Sting loses this match unless there is some blatant Authority involvement here. Sting wins in a surprisingly entertaining match. Then at 32 we get a double-retirement match between Sting and Taker.

Stoots: I think this will be the match of the night. I trust Triple H who has been doing the best work of his career in recent memory. This will feel old school and sort of close an old school chapter in wrestling. I think this is maybe Sting’s most important match since Starcade against Hollywood Hogan. He is an all-time great but this could be a top 10 match as far as importance. He needs to prove the WWE missed out on the Stinger all those years. I expect a lot of people to get involved and we will see a sledgehammer-bat showdown. Sting wins but it won’t look pretty (blood maybe?)

McCreddenTwo greats way past their prime.  Don’t expect the best match ever, but it sure will be entertaining.  There is no way Sting comes over to WWE after all these years and loses right?  But then again, this is the ego of HHH we’re talking about.  The other question, will this be a clean match or will some other WWE legend (Shawn Michaels) or WCW legend (Goldberg) get involved?  Lot of intrigue, should be a lot of fun.  At the end of the day, HHH won’t walk out on Raw the next day a loser.  He wins and WWE beats WCW once again.

Creighton: Hunter will put Sting over to boost sales of whatever Sting DVDs/best of/biography that WWE is planning on doing.  Its best for business.

Penn: Bold prediction, Sting wins and the authority gimmick dies down to give Trips time off to position himself to take over full time for Vince.

WWE World Heavyweight Title Match-Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar (c)

Del Barrio:  With all the hype Lesnar got over the course of this week with him re-signing with WWE.; I just can’t see a scenario in which he loses. There is a huge assumption that Reigns is going to win and maybe that was the plan if Brock were leaving as that’s what WWE probably believed several months out.

Stoots: I have mediocre expectations for the work in the ring between these two because to me Reigns is Samoan Cena with his 5 moves of doom. Will be anxious to see how much Brock abuses a guy like Reigns who is built to look close to his equal. I think Heyman will get involved in this match in some way. Maybe he pulls the ref out on a close call. Maybe he blatantly helps Lesnar with refs watching daring them to DQ the beast. Ultimately even if Reigns gets help, he isn’t good enough to stop Lesnar. Brock wins after the 4th F-5 of the match.

McCreddenNow that Brock is NOT going back to UFC this changes the entire outlook of this match…in a good way!  I’m intrigued by this match cause there are so many possibilities for the match and the fallout after.  With Brock sticking around I have to believe that he will retain the title.  But I wouldn’t be surprised to see Rollins somehow get involved and change the outcome no matter who wins.

Creighton: So no UFC for Brock means longer title reign right? How about Brock and Reigns have a ridiculously physical match, ending with Lesnar winning.  Then Rollins attachs Lesnar from behind, blasts him over the head with the MITB case, calls for the ref and – LESNAR KICKS OUT!  Brock then proceeds to beat the hell out of Rollins. BEAST INCARNATE! Heyman goes on to give epic monologues on Raw every week leading to Summer Slam.

Penn: Lesnar wins, Rollins cashes in, Lesnar wins it back on Raw the next night to setup feud leading into next PPV.