HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – Brian Hoyer had options. The Jets were said to have been interested in his services. The path to be a starter may have been easier in the Big Apple. But instead, Hoyer signed Wednesday with Houston, knowing full well he’s headed for a full-fledged competition to be the Texans’ starting quarterback.

“Just the familiarity with the system, with the coaches, the team,” Hoyer said. “I came away really impressed, obviously, with the defense. And then you look at the offensive side of the ball – Arian Foster, (DeAndre) Hopkins, that type of thing, and the offensive line. I’m excited to get a chance to be a part of this.”

The familiarity of the system and the coaches comes from his first three seasons in the league, when Hoyer was with New England from 2009-2011. In those years, current Texans head coach Bill O’Brien was Hoyer’s position coach and offensive coordinator.

“I don’t think I’d be where I am today without my time with him in New England,” Hoyer said. “He’s a fiery guy. He expects a lot out of you. He doesn’t sugarcoat anything and that’s kind of how you want it in this business. So, to get back with a guy who I really trust, and I think that was a big part of the decision process, I’m excited to get back and work with him.

“At the time when I came into the league, that was Coach O’Brien’s first year as offensive coordinator with New England and obviously, he’s coaching Tom Brady,” Hoyer elaborated. “And I remember him saying, ‘I don’t really have to coach Tom Brady. I kind of have to make sure I get the right plays and guide him, but I can coach you.’ So I benefited from a lot of the extra coaching on fundamentals on learning the offense and learning the defense and to learn it under him and, in that system, I think, it prepared me for what I was going to go through in my NFL career.”

From their times in New England, Hoyer has kept track of O’Brien’s rise in the coaching ranks, whether it be as a head coach at Penn State and then to his first season last year with the Texans.

“He wanted to be a head coach and I wanted to be a starting quarterback,” Hoyer reflected. “It’s kind of, like, if it ever happens, think about how cool that would be. I was so excited for Billy even when he left to go to Penn State. So, for him to be a head coach in the NFL and to see the success that he had last year, I think it was something that didn’t surprise me at all. I knew he was going to be a great coach.”

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